Monday, January 16, 2012

Dividing Thoughts

So, lately, I've been really interested in room divider screens. I think they can be so gorgeous and neat for  breaking up a room. But they are also quite versatile. Here are some faves:

This one is very gorgeous, but it doesn't really serve a purpose besides looking pretty is a bit out of my budget.

This one is such a neat idea! I love the fact that there are corkboards, so convenient for hanging things up. PLUS. When you feel like rearranging (something I do a lot), it's easy to move around! So neat!

I loved this wood screen.

I really like this white screen, with all the cut-outs. Very graphic and bold.

Of course, being Asian, I have to include this Asian print screen. I actually like this one a lot too. Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous. Plus, this is much more in my budget.

Finally, my personal favorite. Not sure where this screen is from, but I love how it looks in this room! This is some professional interior design gorgeousness.

Would you ever put room divider screens up in your house? Do you think they are effective, or simply there to look pretty?



  1. I've always wanted a divider too! I wanted to get one for my studio but it is super expensive. I particularly like the Anthropologie one. It's got a modern look with the patterns and lines but a homey look too with the wood.

    1. So when one of my best friends got married in college, and I went to visit her new apartment, she this awesome paper one in her new master bedroom, and I totally fell in love. Thus began the obsession, haha. (PS - splurge....hahaha).