Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Chic

In other news, I am of the extremely firm opinion that photographers are the chicest group of people that I've ever met.

Case in point:

This girl rocks the shorts with pants, plus kitten-heeled shoes, all while taking a picture in a busy intersection. Hollaaa.

Of course, I look like this every day, even when I'm not out shooting, of course.


Summer Spotted

Although it is ONCEAGAIN snowing here at the end of April, I am in a summer mood. Whatever it takes to get my mind off of that silly snow that's coming down outside of my window...

And here is my perfect outfit for summer. I'm loving the polka dots paired with the striped bag. And those awesome laced sandals. Perfect.



Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrap it around...

Months ago, I went on a scarf appease my scarf obsession since I wanted a really warm scarf.

I found the best scarf ever at Gap! A couple of my friends had already bought it, and raved about how comfy and soft and warm it was, so tada, there I was.

This scarf was pretty much calling my name. As soon as I touched it, I fell in love! The scarf is seriously the softest I've ever felt, and it's large and I can wrap it around me when I'm cold, AND it's just warm in general! I have been wearing it nonstop since I got it (for 50% off at Gap!!!) Go get while you can!

( @ )

In other news, I'm still on the search for some lighter prettier scarves for spring now...


Story of My Life...Facebook.

This is an unscheduled break into my real life.

So, no joke. This is what happened to me yesterday. Stalking the cute guy I like online, through my iTouch, showing my friend his profile pictures...

Then, SOMEHOW my finger touches the LIKE button on the screen!!! And then you can't take it back!!!

And of course, I didn't even notice that my finger had actually hit the LIKE button!! So that reaction never happened. What REALLY happened, was that I hit the Like button on accident, then went about my day like nothing had happened. While really DYING inside because I stilllll haven't gotten an email from him. 

Then, finally, that night, DING. the email! And what does he say? Oh, by the way, THAT PICTURE YOU LIKED ON FACEBOOK OF ME....blah blah blah. AHHH. Then I go into freakout mode!!! least he wrote back....does that mean he's OK with me creeping on his Facebook? Hmm.......

Back to regularly scheduled programming now....