Monday, January 9, 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

(This is a belated post, sorry!!).

Two weeks ago, I decorated my first Christmas tree ever. Ian let me take over the tree in his apartment, and didn't even make any comments about how crazy I was going with decorating. I told him I wouldn't be offended if he redecorated after I left...

I had such a great time! The ornaments he had were quite pretty, and made out of glass. (Apparently plastic ones are tacky...)

And I also had a new appreciation for the time and dedication spent on decorating a tree! White people are crazy, was pretty much my first reaction as Ian told me the rules: Make sure ornaments that are similar are spread out...make sure they are hung close to the lights so that they reflect...make sure the ornaments are spread out in size...make sure the tree looks good!

I was exhausted when we were done, but I think it looked great. It definitely got me in the holiday spirit...Christmas shopping has been my hobby lately.


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