Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I cannot wait for this line to roll out. I've been following Jason Wu since I was high school, I believe...ever since I found out he was from Taiwan, my home away from home.

When he finally got his big break with Michelle Obama's dress, I nearly wept.

Therefore, this new collection that will hit stores February 5th is to die for!

Here are my favorites:

Navy color block dress, the stripes at the bottom bring the right amount of fun into this dress.

Perfect combination of sweet and flirty. The pink polka-dot blouse is so perfect for work! (Probably my favorite out of the collection...yes I am super girly).

I love black and will never go out of fashion. Timeless chic! Maybe not those sunglasses though...

Elegant purse, cute.

Ahh, floral scarf...I'm actually undecided about this, but I had to include at least one scarf!

Gold and black, another timeless combination.

Are you excited for the line to come out? What are your favorites? Will you up at 3 AM February 2 for the opening?


Friday, January 20, 2012

Best and Most Beautiful Things

Thought for the weekend.

It's snowing here, FINALLY! I'm going to enjoy this winter weather while I can!

Enjoy the weekend!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Dividing Thoughts

So, lately, I've been really interested in room divider screens. I think they can be so gorgeous and neat for  breaking up a room. But they are also quite versatile. Here are some faves:

This one is very gorgeous, but it doesn't really serve a purpose besides looking pretty is a bit out of my budget.

This one is such a neat idea! I love the fact that there are corkboards, so convenient for hanging things up. PLUS. When you feel like rearranging (something I do a lot), it's easy to move around! So neat!

I loved this wood screen.

I really like this white screen, with all the cut-outs. Very graphic and bold.

Of course, being Asian, I have to include this Asian print screen. I actually like this one a lot too. Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous. Plus, this is much more in my budget.

Finally, my personal favorite. Not sure where this screen is from, but I love how it looks in this room! This is some professional interior design gorgeousness.

Would you ever put room divider screens up in your house? Do you think they are effective, or simply there to look pretty?


Store: Madewell Spring 2012

I may or may not be obsessively looking at the new fashion lines that are coming out...

Madewell is also one of my favorites. Its concepts and outfits are so simple, yet so the looks are so great!

Here are my top three:

So if you know me, you know that I love color...and the different shades of red here, with that mustard purse are calling my name! Time to mix shades!
( @

White with green...could we get any simpler or classier for spring? I think not.
( @ )

Finally, this dress. Not sure about the denim jacket...but the dress is so cute. Would totally wear it as a sundress!
( @ )

Favorite looks for you? Check out the rest of the Madewell Spring 2012 Collection here.


Rebecca Minkoff Pre-Fall 2012 Line

Here are my three favorite looks from the pre-Fall 2012 line (didn't even know this had pre-fall lines!):

I love this skirt, the lines are great, and with those bright shoes, perfect!

( @ )

Show me something with turquoise, and I jump for it. 
( @ )

Once again, my favorite colors make their appearance. This bag is going to be high up on my coveted list.
( @ )

What are your favorite looks?

Looking forward to any other new lines?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace

Recently, white dresses have been popping up on my radar. They look so sweet and summery, and I'm definitely looking forward to picking some up. The lace is also gorgeous.

White dresses, what are your thoughts? Too wedding dressy? Too summery? Other colors catching your eye?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

STORE: Old Navy

Long story short, I have not been into an Old Navy store since like middle school. But the other day, I was with my mother, and we passed one while we were doing some shopping at stores nearby. She wanted to check it out, since there were these HUGE 75% OFF sales signs plastered all over the store windows.

I meekly went in with her, and was soo surprised by how much I like their apparel! I even bought myself a neat red jacket! I will definitely be frequenting their store more often! Go Old Navy, they're definitely getting back on track with style!

Some of my faves:
This bright yellow messenger bag is the perfect size to just tote the necessities. I hate carrying huge bags, so this is perfect! 
( @

This bag is preppy, yet it also sorta screams beach at me...can't wait until summer hits again!

( @ )

Satisfying my polka-dot craving, in this amazing raspberry red color!
( @ )

This shirt is a perfect pullover to make an outfit more elegant. Simple, but prints always fancy you up.
( @ )

This chunky knit looks so comfy! Instead of a jacket I would wear it over so much this winter to keep me warm. (I can't really choose between the striped one, which I love so much, or the more practical beige or black one...)
( @ )

Thoughts on Old Navy? No, yes?


Monday, January 9, 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

(This is a belated post, sorry!!).

Two weeks ago, I decorated my first Christmas tree ever. Ian let me take over the tree in his apartment, and didn't even make any comments about how crazy I was going with decorating. I told him I wouldn't be offended if he redecorated after I left...

I had such a great time! The ornaments he had were quite pretty, and made out of glass. (Apparently plastic ones are tacky...)

And I also had a new appreciation for the time and dedication spent on decorating a tree! White people are crazy, was pretty much my first reaction as Ian told me the rules: Make sure ornaments that are similar are spread out...make sure they are hung close to the lights so that they reflect...make sure the ornaments are spread out in size...make sure the tree looks good!

I was exhausted when we were done, but I think it looked great. It definitely got me in the holiday spirit...Christmas shopping has been my hobby lately.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Polka Dot Love

Apparently, I have a deep unconscious (unknown?) love for polka dota. As I was browsing through my pinboard of outfit ideas, I realized that many of them have the polka dot I'm just going to post them here. Definitely think I'm going to be buying some more polka-dot outfits soon!:

This outfit is so sexy...dressed to kill.
( @ )

Sheer love.
( @ )

Polka dotted shoes? What?
( @

Sheer white blouse.
( @ )

Contrast the flowiness of the previous white polka-dot shirt with this form-fitting one. 
( @ )

Scarf, of course there is one here with polka dots!
( @ )

Fancy dress.
( @ )

Skirt. Working polka-dots into the professional life, yes.
( @ )

Elegant dress, love the back.
( @ )

Polka dots in the summer? Yes!
( @ )

I am definitely thinking polka dots all year round!

Opinion on polka them? Hate them?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year Resolutions

I've never really been one for resolutions...seeing as many of them are soon forgotten. This explains why this list is late...

I figure that writing them out publicly may help?

1. Lose a pound a week by May. That should be about 20 lbs, thus getting to my perfect weight. This also means creating a gym schedule so I go every day:

( @ )

2. Travel outside of the United States (no Canada does not count...). Thinking about Korea because the fashion is crazy a close friend is currently teaching English there:

( @ )

3. Pray more. I need to do this a lot more. That's it.

( @ )

4. Go out shooting more, whether it be with my iPod or with an actual DSLR. I am out of practice, and I miss it.

( taken by me on my iTouch)

5. Be happy! No matter what I do this year, I want happiness to be with me.

( @ )

( @ )

Happy New Year!