Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY: Gift Wrapping Presents

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I've been considering how to wrap presents this year.

Usually, I just stuff everything into a gift bag and throw it away to the much loved person, but this year I've been seeing a ton of homemade giftwraps via Pinterest. crafty side is thinking, oh this would be so neat, and obviously make you the cool person with your logical side is going, seriously Ruth, when are you ever going to have the time to make this??

Anyway, I'll ignore both sides for now, and just post some of the neat ones that I've seen so far:

So I think that this has to be my favorite so far. I love the Parisian chicness of it, and how easy it is to make! I can't wait to go to Jo-Ann's or Michael's or something soon to dig around fabrics!
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This snowman printed gift wrap is also super adorable! It's super easy, and looks so wintry and easy to make. Just some circles in winter colors. Love the grey and blue used!
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Love these cupcake toppers. Totally brightens up the simple wrapping. (Martha Stewart is a goddess...)

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Simple, just printing their names on paper. But it looks so modern and classic. (Plus save time with gift tags...)

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Another one along the same lines, but with stamps instead of spending hours choosing the perfect font doing the letters yourself. 

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So, this is just a little collection of the gift wrappings that I've loved this year. Now...if I can manage to wrap something and make it look neat...that will be a real Christmas miracle. 



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