Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift Ideas Under $50.

Being unemployed this year has really been interesting for me because now I have to actually spend time looking for cheap thoughtful presents.

Here are a few that have popped up on my radar, which I definitely wouldn't mind getting for myself:

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These chalkboard candles from West Elm are so cute! I would totally be redrawing their designs every time I lit one. (PS - they're all sold out now).
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I love the colors of this bag! White, with a hint of black and a bright line of turquoise. Gorgeousness. ($49.90).

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Um, yeah, more candles from West Elm. But these are quite cute as well, and smell great! I would totally spell out someone's name...or some thing fun with them. (and at $7 each, LOVE??)

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I love these colorful glasses! Perfect for the holidays ($7).

Just some neat ideas for last minute gifts! I'm off to head back home from the city, and enjoy some rest.

Happy holidays!


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