Sunday, July 1, 2012

OBSESSED: Mason Jars as Cups

Being a broke college student means that you use whatever you can to adapt to your natural surroundings...sorta like a chameleon...or maybe not.

So, that being the case, using mason jars as cups is not only uber chic, but also totally fits being environmentally-friendly! Killing two birds with one stone. Yup, just sip your lemonade out of a mason jar. And save the world. One drink at a time.

Iced coffee. In a jar.

Hey, look. Gorgeous raspberry lemonade. In a mason jar. And hey look! You can etch it yourself.

Even smoothies?

Aw, these drinks are so summery...makes me want to throw a mason jar party...sorta like a margarita party, but totally classier. 

So, who's up for it? Mason jar party? Yeah?


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