Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Club Monaco Fall 2011 LookBook

Received an email the other day about Club Monaco's Fall Collection. Loved the ethereal, bohemian vibe that it's got going on:

I love the lighting, etherealness, and the pop of tangerine. 

This is my next favorite. Again, the fairy-like quality from the lighting is so gorgeous, and I am loving the white.

I love this dress! The spots aren't too polka-dotty, and the colors are perfect for fall.

Also, loving this outfit. The skirt's color, and the scarf! Can't wait to wrap a warm-knit chunky scarf around my neck again instead of a jacket.

Check the new collection out, see what you think.

All images can be found at Club Monaco.




  1. You WOULD substitute a jacket for a scarf... Totally not the same.

    But I agree, I'm digging the Club Monoco Fall style. LOVE the trench coat (which is something I recently got though in black). Now that summer has come, I'm waiting for it to be gone so I can get on with my favorite season!

  2. I'm definitely agreeing that fall is my favorite season as well!
    And, of course, you know that I LOVE trenches. =)