Friday, July 29, 2011

Kelly's New Clothes

Kelly Wearstler's clothing line is out! Her style in decorating is so interesting, and I've been waiting for her new line. Here are a few of my faves:

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I love the muted colors, with that pop of soft pink. Gorgeous. 

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My friends will tell you that I have an obsession with scarves...because I tend to forget them everywhere because they are so gorgeous and such an easy accessory to help brighten up an outfit. 

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I love how these bangles are chunky, and the arty flowiness, broken up by the thorns. And the colors are so fall. I'm thinking about snatching that bottom one up. =) 

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And is tie-dye making a comeback? I love this skirt...doesn't look too 70s, and looks so comfy for a weekend out with the girls! 

Any favorites?



  1. I'll give you the tie dye. You can't really tell it's tie dye. I like the subtly in it. It doesn't go nuts and over the top like how we're used to seeing tie dye portrayed.

    I LOVE SCARVES so I'm right with you. Though, true that! Stop losing your scarves; what a crime!!!


  2. Haha, of we scarves girl should make a club of some sort. I'm trying! Although I think I just lost a black scarf somewhere...not on purpose!! 0=)